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The 7 Principles
The Seven Principles of "Leave No Trace" provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors. Although Leave No Trace has its roots in backcountry settings, the Principles have been adapted so that they can be applied anywhere — from remote wilderness areas, to local parks and even in your own backyard.

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VFW Department of Arkansas

1719 South Broadway
Little Rock, AR 72206p
Phone: (501) 372-3621
VFW State of Arkansas website

VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: (816) 756-3390
Description: National Headquarters
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VFW Posts in Arkansas


VFW Post 4501

Harry B. Stokes Post
1680 Cheney Dr
Batesville,AR 72501
Phone: (870) 698-4959
Description: Meeting 6:00 pm 1st Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 7769

Fred A. Harrell Post
1405 E Center St
Beebe,AR 72012
Phone: (501) 882-7769
Description: Meeting 11:00 am 3rd Saturday
VFW Website

VFW Post 2256

Raymond Mc Gill Post
5323 Sleepy Village Rd
Benton,AR 72015
Phone: (501) 315-5585
Description: Meeting 6:00 pm 2nd Monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 7518

Thomas Lee Hoover Post
109 Bunch Springs Rd
Berryville,AR 72616
Phone: (870) 423-6436
Description: Meeting 2:00 pm 2nd Saturday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9824 Hubert Leon Lee Jr. Post Bigelow, AR

VFW Post 2276 Hunt-Lloyd Post Blytheville, AR

VFW Post 5248 Jones Blagg Post Booneville, AR 479-675-5968

VFW Post 1341 Hoevel-Barnett Post Bull Shoals, AR 870-445-4501

VFW Post 9778 Montgomery County Memorial Post Caddo Gap, AR

VFW Post 7730 Wilson-Byler Post Calico Rock, AR 870-297-3061

VFW Post 4554 Hubert Joseph Purifoy Post 115 Veterans Road Camden, AR 71701 870-574-2425

VFW Post 300 Carrollton Post Carrollton, AR

VFW Post 10443 Gandy-Mc Cartney Post Charleston, AR

VFW Post 11048 Clarksville Memorial Post Clarksville, AR

VFW Post 4764 Kemp-Bradford Post Clinton, AR

VFW Post 8532 Coal Hill Post Coal Hill, AR

VFW Post 2352 Bayles-Baker Post Combs, AR

VFW Post 2259 Jesse W. Grisham Post 1855 Old Morrilton Hwy Conway, AR 72032

VFW Post 7163 Conway Memorial Post Conway, AR

VFW Post 8347 Rapert-Poyner Post Corning, AR

VFW Post 5742 Smith-Johnson Post Cotter, AR

VFW Post 3141 Boyce-Woods Post Dardanelle, AR

VFW Post 4521 Porter-Devasier Post De Queen, AR

VFW Post 9834 Howard-Parrish Post Decatur, AR

VFW Post 5024 Moore-Johnson Post Des Arc, AR

VFW Post 10472 Thomas Stewart Post Desha, AR

VFW Post 7113 Johnnie Halsell Post Dumas, AR

VFW Post 2413 John C. Carroll Post El Dorado, AR

VFW Post 8042 Anderson-Sharp-Kent Post Evening Shade, AR

VFW Post 4513 Fairfield Bay Post Fairfield Bay, AR

VFW Post 2722 Archibald Yell - Jack Tidball Fayetteville, AR

VFW Post 4430 James H. Thach Post Fordyce, AR

VFW Post 4503 Norwood-Davis Post Foreman, AR

VFW Post 2869 Halbert-Gates Post Forrest City, AR

VFW Post 4778 Cleveland Kirkland Post Forrest City, AR

VFW Post 2036 Admiral Eberle Post Fort Smith, AR

VFW Post 2897 Haley-Chism Post Fort Smith, AR

VFW Post 8845 Jim Taylor Post Fort Smith, AR

VFW Post 11150 Gentry Post Gentry, AR

VFW Post 7057 Gosnell Post Gosnell, AR

VFW Post 6527 Harris-Hannah Post Greenwood, AR

VFW Post 9360 Hamburg Post Hamburg, AR

VFW Post 2538 Enoch Shelton Porter Post Hampton, AR

VFW Post 4679 Turell-Franks Post Harrisburg, AR

VFW Post 2881 Baughman-Conner Post Harrison, AR

VFW Post 9645 Havana Post Havana, AR

VFW Post 4560 Minton-Van Houten Post Hazen, AR

VFW Post 3543 Leonard Stark Post Heber Springs, AR

VFW Post 4447 James A. Allen Post Helena, AR

VFW Post 4772 Highland Memorial Post Highland, AR

VFW Post 77 Holiday Island Post Holiday Island, AR

VFW Post 4511 Ramsey-Cargile Post Hope, AR

VFW Post 4988 Horseshoe Bend Post Horseshoe Bend, AR

VFW Post 10483 Hot Springs Village Post Hot Spinggs Village, AR

VFW Post 2278 Thaddeus H. Caraway Post Hot Springs, AR

VFW Post 8245 Scott-Sebastian Post Huntington, AR

VFW Post 10021 Louis L. Sroufe Memorial Post Huntsville, AR

VFW Post 10573 Stovall-Hackworth-Haney Post Imboden, AR

VFW Post 4548 Micheal W. Ray Post Jacksonville, AR

VFW Post 10027 Jerusalem Post Jerusalem, AR

VFW Post 1991 Roy Wiles Post Jonesboro, AR

VFW Post 4546 Richards - Davis Post Lake Hamilton, AR

VFW Post 10417 Lead Hill Post Lead Hill, AR

VFW Post 4681 Morrison-West Post Leslie, AR

VFW Post 4675 Lincoln Post Lincoln, AR

VFW Post 1316 Lt. Walter E. Parker Post Little Rock, AR

VFW Post 15004 Member-At-Large Little Rock, AR

VFW Post 9095 W. Carl Reed Post Little Rock, AR

VFW Post 8082 C. O. Simmons Post Lockesburg, AR

VFW Post 4134 Mabelvale Post Mabelvale, AR

VFW Post 2870 Billy Bennett Post Magnolia, AR

VFW Post 2586 Harmon & Atkins Post Malvern, AR

VFW Post 7831 Langston-Vincent-Lunn Post Mammoth Spring, AR

VFW Post 4449 Elmer G. Bradshaw Post Marianna, AR

VFW Post 3252 Marshall Dusty Helmet Post Marshall, AR

VFW Post 4983 Jerry D. Charlton Post Marvell, AR

VFW Post 2220 Walpole-Mc Cloy Post Mc Gehee, AR

VFW Post 4687 Jones-Lewis Post Melbourne, AR

VFW Post 4451 Frank C. Bainum Post Mena, AR

VFW Post 4509 Ray Collins Post Monette, AR

VFW Post 4515 Miles-Foss Post Monticello, AR

VFW Post 4453 Martin-Bradley Post Morrilton, AR

VFW Post 3246 Ozark Post Mountain Home, AR

VFW Post 4766 Rosa-Moore Post Mountain View, AR

VFW Post 8855 W.V. Hammond Post Mountainburg, AR

VFW Post 9823 Roy T Elder Post Nashville, AR

VFW Post 8383 Brewer/Rollans Post New Blaine, AR

VFW Post 9577 Tate-Lynch Post Newark, AR

VFW Post 4683 Collier-Massey Post Newport, AR

VFW Post 10442 Rose City Post North Little Rock, AR

VFW Post 11474 Levy Memorial Post North Little Rock, AR

VFW Post 2935 Twin City Memorial Post North Little Rock, AR

VFW Post 87 Osage Heritage Post Osage, AR

VFW Post 10569 Osceola Post Osceola, AR

VFW Post 405 Ozark Post Ozark, AR

VFW Post 2242 Cathey-Dowdy Post Paragould, AR

VFW Post 3431 John Ryan Post Paris, AR

VFW Post 8109 Wood-Hall Post Pea Ridge, AR

VFW Post 7112 Raymond L. Rankin Post Perryville, AR

VFW Post 4517 Davison & Sherman Hayes Post Piggott, AR

VFW Post 228 Manuel Leroy Carroll Post Pine Bluff, AR

VFW Post 4455 John & Roy Horn Post Pine Bluff, AR

VFW Post 8525 Fisher-Law Post Plainview, AR

VFW Post 10007 Watts & Aunspaugh Post Pleasant Plains, AR

VFW Post 4556 Promberger-Traw Post Pocahontas, AR

VFW Post 8671 Leo Mann Post Prescott, AR

VFW Post 7514 Rice-Young Post Quitman, AR

VFW Post 10480 Rector Post Rector, AR

VFW Post 3031 Wallis and Witcher Post Rogers, AR

VFW Post 2283 Rogers-Rye Post Russellville, AR

VFW Post 9777

Post 9777 Salem Post
105 Veterans Way (off hwy 395N)
Salem, AR 72576
Phone: (870) 371-0421
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 1st Monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 2330 Alpha Autry Post Searcy, AR

VFW Post 1674 Levi Douthit Post Siloam Springs, AR

VFW Post 3688 Ivan Emmett Sampson Post Smackover, AR

VFW Post 2952 Raymond A. Alstott Post Springdale, AR

VFW Post 2746 Sammie Ray Harrison Post Star City, AR

VFW Post 2904 Grand Prairie Post Stuttgart, AR

VFW Post 8124 Taylor Memorial Post Taylor, AR

VFW Post 4562 Billy T. Norton Post Texarkana, AR

VFW Post 9326 Dunahay Doss Post Tuckerman, AR

VFW Post 1322 Robert Jack Post Van Buren, AR

VFW Post 6855 Harold V. White Post Vilonia, AR

VFW Post 1345 Ouachita Mountains Post Waldron, AR

VFW Post 11300 Davis-Tompkins-Hamilton Post Walnut Ridge, AR

VFW Post 4564 Baker-York Post Warren, AR

VFW Post 10843 West Fork Post West Fork, AR

VFW Post 5225 Marion-West Memphis Post West Memphis, AR

VFW Post 8277 Amon Truman Kyzer Post White Hall, AR

VFW Post 10484 Musgrave-Hankins Post Wickes, AR

VFW Post 8059 Wooster-Greenbrier Post Wooster, AR

VFW Post 4566 Futrell-Killough Post Wynne, AR