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Make Sure Your Driver's License is Real ID Compliant
Be Ready for the Real ID Deadline
A Real ID is a government-issued form of identification which includes state driver’s licenses. To fly within the U.S. on or after October 1, 2020, your state driver’s license must be Real ID-compliant. Find out if your license already satisfies the Department of Homeland Security’s requirements, how to use your Real ID to board a plane, and how to obtain this document if your current license needs to be updated.

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Ghosts in California

Alameda County Drawbridge

Amador County Drytown

Butte County Cherokee Hamilton

Calaveras County Carson Hill

Contra Costa County Nortonville Port Chicago

El Dorado County Coloma

Humboldt County Denny

Imperial County Picacho Tumco

Inyo County Ballarat Cerro Gordo Chloride City Darwin Greenwater Keeler Leadfield Lookout City Panamint City Skidoo Swansea Zurich

Kern County Freeman Junction Garlock Goler Heights Randsburg

Kings County Kingston

Los Angeles County Llano Del Rio Mentryville

Marin County Dogtown

Mariposa County Agua Fria Mount Ophir

Mono County Bodie Mammoth City Masonic

Monterey County Manchester

Nevada County You Bet

Plumas County Caribou Seneca

Riverside County Eagle Mountain Midland North Shore

San Benito County New Idria

San Bernardino County Amboy Atolia Bagdad, by U.S. Route 66 Calico Chambless Essex Goffs Hart Ivanpah Kelso Ludlow Providence Red Mountain Rice Siberia Silver Lake Vanderbilt

San Mateo County Purissima

Santa Clara County Alma Holy City Lexington New Almaden Wrights

Sierra County Gibsonville

Sonoma County Wingo

Tuolumne County Chinese Camp

Yuba County Timbuctoo

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List of ghost towns in California A Acelanus, California Agua Fria, California Agua Mansa, California Ambrose, Contra Costa County, California Atolia, California B Bagdad, California Banner, California Barnwell, California Beal, California Belleville, California Bend City, California Betteravia, California Bidwell's Bar, California Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve Bloomer, California Bodie, California Brandy City, California Branson City, California Brush, California Buckeye, Yolo County, California Burrell, California C Calico, San Bernardino County, California California Camp, California Caribou, California Carson Hill, California Casa Diablo, California Chambless, California Chandon, California Chimehuevis Landing, California Cima, California Clems, California Coleman City, California Coloma, California Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park Coso (former settlement), California Cottonwood, Yolo County, California Crucero, California Cuyamaca, California D Deadwood, Placer County, California Deadwood, Siskiyou County, California Deadwood, Trinity County, California Dedrick, California Dog Town, California Dunderberg Mill, California E Eagle Mountain, California Earp, California Eastwood, California Eccles, California Elliott, California Essex, San Bernardino County, California F Falk, California Forest, California Fountain Springs, California Freeman Junction, California Fremont Landing, California G Garlock, California Glenwood, California Goffs, California Gold Run, California Grass Flat, California Greenwater, California Gullion's Bar, California H Hamilton, Butte County, California Harmony Borax Works Hart, California Hedges, California Hooperville, California Horseshoe Bend, California I Ivanpah (ghost town), California J Jaeger City, California Judsonville, California K Kelso, California L La Panza, California La Placita, California Leon, California Linda Rosa, California List of buildings in Bodie, California Llano del Rio Logtown, California Lost City, California Ludlow, California M Masonic, California Mentryville, California Mercuryville, California Michigan Bar, California Middle Bar, California Midland, California Milligan, California Minersville, California Mokelumne City, California Mono Mills, California Monroeville, California Mormon Bar, California Mormon Island, California Mount Ophir, California N Negro Flat, Siskiyou County, California New Idria, California Norristown, California Nortonville, California O Oakhurst, Fresno County, California Ogilby, California Old Panama, California Olive City, Arizona Ophir, California Oro Fino, California P Packwood Station, California Picacho, California Pinacate, California Providence, San Bernardino County, California Purissima, California R Ragtown, California Rancho Temescal (Serrano) Red Dog, California Reward, Inyo County, California Rice, California Rio Bravo (former settlement), California Roachville, California S Salmon Falls, California San Carlos, Inyo County, California San Joaquin City, California Shasta, California Siberia, California Silver Lake, San Bernardino County, California Somersville, California Soto, California Spring Valley, Colusa County, California Stewartville, California Stickneys Ferry Stokes Landing, California Stonewall, California Stratton, California T Terra Cotta, California Timbuctoo, California V Valley Wells, California Vanderbilt, California W West Hartley, California Whiskeytown, California White Mountain City, California Willard, California Winehaven, California

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