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Feel good headline of the day:

America Will Recover

We are grateful to all the truckers, nurses, doctors, aids, orderies, technians, police, fire, EMT, delivery staff, trash pickup crews, grocery store employees and all the other people helping America recover. Help them out if you can...

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VFW Department of Maine

VFW Maine State Headquarters
Bangor,ME 04401
Phone: Classified
VFW Website

VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
Description: VFW National Headquarters
VFW Website

VFW Posts in Maine

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VFW Post 15020 Member-At-Large Auburn, ME

VFW Post 887 Pine Tree Post Augusta, ME

VFW Post 1761 Norman N. Dow Post Bangor, ME

VFW Post 7738 Pitman-Morrison Post Bath, ME

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VFW Post 5986 Holland-Damon-Maxim Post Canton, ME

VFW Post 9389 Lister-Knowlton Post Caribou, ME

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VFW Post 3385 D. J. Babineau Post Dover-Foxcroft, ME

VFW Post 558 Ralph A. Ray Post 32 Shackford St. Eastport, ME 04631 Phone: 207-853-2961

VFW Post 109 Ellsworth Memorial Post 419 Main St Ellsworth, ME 04605 Phone: 207-667-7634

VFW Post 8934 Arnold Trail Post Embden, ME

VFW Post 6924 Fairfield Memorial Post Fairfield, ME

VFW Post 10881 James A Mc Kechnie Post Farmington, ME

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VFW Post 7529 King-Mitchell Post Island Falls, ME

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VFW Post 9955 Lee-Doncet Post Pittsfield, ME

VFW Post 6859 Deering Memorial Post Portland, ME

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VFW Post 2499 Rockland Memorial Post Rockland, ME

VFW Post 1641 Robert Shand Post Rumford, ME

VFW Post 11107 Saco Memorial Post Saco, ME

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VFW Post 3198 Joseph R. Sandford Post Skowhegan, ME

VFW Post 5744 South Berwick Memorial Post South Berwick, ME

VFW Post 9787 Floyd A. Harlow Jr. Post South Paris, ME

VFW Post 832 South Portland Post 50 Peary Terrace South Portland, ME 04106 Phone: 207-767-4109

VFW Post 2299 Sherman Area Memorial Post Stacyville, ME

VFW Post 11545 Thomaston Memorial Post Thomaston, ME

VFW Post 2197 Rev Joseph Lammarre Memorial Post Topsham, ME

VFW Post 4169 Webster-Beckman-Smith Memorial Post Vinalhaven, ME

VFW Post 4525 Soule-Shuman Memorial Post Waldoboro, ME

VFW Post 9437 Farrar-Ross Post Washington, ME

VFW Post 1285 Forest J. Pare Post Waterville, ME

VFW Post 9429 Leveille-Shorey Post West Enfield, ME

VFW Post 10643 Windham Post Windham, ME

VFW Post 8835 Mac Crillis-Rousseau Post Winslow, ME

VFW Post 9526 Webber Memorial Post Winthrop, ME

VFW Post 10529 Royal River Post Yarmouth, ME

VFW Post 6977 Boardman-Ellis Post York Beach, ME

VFW / Veteran Information

Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW National Headquarters
406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
VFW Website

Top 10 charities that support veterans

One of the most important aspects to investigate before giving to a veterans' charity, or any charitable organization, is how much of the money donated actually goes to the cause being supported, and how much is earmarked for administrative expenses. Several services such as

Charity Navigator,

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Watch

provide information about a charity's functions, finances, and management. These three services happen to be free, although others charge both the site user and the charity to be rated.
Read more

1. Fisher House Foundation

2. Thanks USA

3. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

4. Homes for Our Troops

5. Puppies Behind Bars

6. Wounded Warriors Family Support

7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

8. USO

9. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

10. Hope for the Warriors

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