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Veterans of Foreign Wars

924 N Washington Ave
Lansing, MI 48906
Phone: (517 485 9456
Description: Department of Michigan

VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: (816) 756-3390
Description: National Headquarters
VFW Website

VFW Posts in Michigan

VFW Post 1584

Annis-Fint Post
726 N. Main St
Adrian, MI 49221
Phone: (517) 263-7944
Description: American war veterans' organization

VFW Post 3672

Albion Post
13387 29 Mile Rd
Albion, MI 49224
Phone: (517) 629-3672
Description: Albion Post

VFW Post 3901

Fred Quandt Post
1005 Pte. Tremble Road
Algonac, MI 48001
Phone: (810) 794-3033
Description: Our current building sits on land donated by the Quandt Family, there son Fred was serving his country when he lost his life in Vietnam. Our Post is named after this brave young solider

VFW Post 3667

Wood-Laninga Post
632 Eastern Ave
Allegan, MI 49010
Phone: (816) 756-3390

VFW Post 1454

Leslie C. McLean Post
1302 Wright Avenue
Alma, MI 48801
Phone: (989) 466-5454
Description: Post Hours Wednesday-Sunday Open at 3 pm

VFW Post 2496

2900 Connon St
Alpena, MI 49707
Phone: (989) 354-8021
Description: We are also home to Amvet Post 2497 and the Marine Corp League

VFW Post 7569

Alpha-Mastodon Post
401 Main Street
Alpha, MI 49902
Phone: n/a
Description: n/a

VFW Post 423

Graf O'Hara Post
230 S. Wagner Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 662-3972
Description: n/a

VFW Post 3314

Arcadia Area Post
3407 Oak Street
Arcadia, MI 49613
Phone: (231) 889-5889
Description: Lions Club

VFW Post 531

Mecwarf Post
120 Veterans Dr
Athens, MI 49011
Phone: (269) 729-4104
Description: 1st Mon. 7:00 pm

VFW Post 9489

Thunder Bay Post
11761 Pettinger Rd
Atlanta, MI 49709
Phone: (989) 590-39716
Description: 2nd Mon., 7:00 pm

VFW Post 8275

Rudolph Frank Beauch Post
3651 E Huron Rd
Au Gres, MI 48703
Phone: (989) 876-8717
Description: Status unknown

VFW Post 7956

Augusta-Custer Post
13540 West M-96
Augusta, MI 49012
Phone: n/a
Description: 7:00 pm 2nd Monday

VFW Post 116

Bad Axe/Port Austin Memorial Post
15 Nugent Rd
Bad Axe, MI 48413
Phone: (989) 269-8026
Description: Meetings 7:00 pm 4th Tuesday

VFW Post 5315

Peacock Post
2225 S. M-37
Baldwin, MI 49304
Phone: (231) 745-2134
Description: Meetings 2:00 pm 2nd Tuesday

Post 8135

Burger-Wiedbrauk Post
2118 W Trask Lake Rd
Barton City, MI 48705
Phone: (989) 736-6000
Description: Meetings 7:00 pm Last Friday

VFW Post 565

Lt Harold J Payette Post
200 Michigan Ave W
Battle Creek, MI 49017
Phone: n/a
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 2nd Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 4406

Olson-Kiste Post
148 N Bridge St
Belding, MI 48809
Phone: (616) 794-9624
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 2nd Monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 4434

Huron River Post
44170 Bemis Rd
Belleville, MI 48111
Phone: (734) 697-0505
Description: Meeting 7:30 pm Last Monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9222

Berkley Post
3025 Coolidge Hwy
Berkley, MI 48072
Phone: (248) 541-9222
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 1st Thursday
VFW Website

VFW Post 4952

Ssg. James Bendowski Post
4259 E Snow Rdy
Berrien Springs, MI 49103
Phone: (269) 277-7512
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 4th Monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 3673

County Seat Post
605 West Lead Street
Bessemer, MI 49911
Phone: (906) 667-0812
Description: Meeting 6:00 pm 3rd Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 7542

Birch Run Post
11325 Dixie Hwy
Birch Run, MI 48415
Phone: (989) 624-9877
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 1st Monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 3675

Smelt City Post
1308 Boyne Ave
Boyne City, MI 49712
Phone: (231) 582-3447
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 3rd Thursday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9931

Wallace C. Schulz / Dwight A. McKinney, Jr. Post
3615 S Towerline Rd
Bridgeport, MI 48722
Phone: (989) 777-7390
Description: Meeting 10:00 am 2nd Thursday
VFW Website

VFW Post 4357

Brighton Post
10590 E Grand River
Brighton, MI 48116
Phone: (810) 229-9088
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 3rd Thursday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9023

Messer-Mc Gahey-Routhier Post
8968 W M 28
Brimley, MI 49715
Phone: (906) 248-5450
Description: Meeting 1:00 pm 2nd Saturday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9345

Henry A. Holappa Post
14939 E. M28
Bruce Crossing, MI 49912
Phone: (906) 827-3455
Description: Meeting 6:00 pm 1st Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 2777

Burton-Clark-Durocher Post
2260 S Belsay Rd
Burton, MI 48519
Phone: (810) 743-4138
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 2nd Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 6864

Cadillac Post
127 W Cass St
Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone: (231) 839-4808
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 2nd Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 3900 C. L. K. Post Calumet, MI

VFW Post 4093 Carleton Post Carleton, MI

VFW Post 4164 Tuscola County Post Caro, MI

VFW Post 1859 Carrollton-Zilwaukee Post Carrollton, MI

VFW Post 3644 Cass City Post Cass City, MI

VFW Post 10704 Lt. William E. Lozier Post Cassopolis, MI

VFW Post 9453 Davis-Douglas-Quiel Post Cement City, MI

VFW Post 6756 Cpl. Richard W. Menge Post Center Line, MI

VFW Post 6985 Torch Post Central Lake, MI

VFW Post 1153 Charlevoix Post Charlevoix, MI

VFW Post 2406 Maple City Post Charlotte, MI

VFW Post 6507 Chassell Post Chassell, MI

VFW Post 9714 Ikkala Bros. Post Chatham, MI

VFW Post 3623 Mackinac Straits Post Cheboygan, MI

VFW Post 4076 Chelsea Post Chelsea, MI

VFW Post 4035 Big Rock Post Chesaning, MI

VFW Post 5738 Pettit-Kapplinger Post Clare, MI

VFW Post 11080 Clinton Post Clinton, MI

VFW Post 1452 Gordon R. Bennett Post Clio, MI

VFW Post 1071 Coleman Post Coleman, MI

VFW Post 6819 Lamb-Bryan/Colon Post Colon, MI

VFW Post 6252 Comstock Post Comstock, MI

VFW Post 5598 Coopersville Post Coopersville, MI

VFW Post 4005 Corunna Post Corunna, MI

VFW Post 8945 Henry Hendrickson Post Covington, MI

VFW Post 2891 Tufts-Rondon Post Crystal Falls, MI

VFW Post 5096 The Gold Bar Post Custer, MI

VFW Post 5966 Menominee Mid-County Post Daggett, MI

VFW Post 4087 Davison Post Davison, MI

VFW Post 671 Edwin J Leyanna Post De Witt, MI

VFW Post 134 Sgt. Walter Blankertz Post Dearborn, MI

VFW Post 1494 Lt Archie Kelly Post Dearborn, MI

VFW Post 2107 West Dearborn Post Dearborn, MI

VFW Post 5112 Esper-Blavat Post Dearborn, MI

VFW Post 7546 John Lyskawa Post Dearborn Heights, MI

VFW Post 7910 Pvt. James D. Donovan Post Dearborn Heights, MI

VFW Post 9973 Moroz-Pietrowski Post Dearborn Heights, MI

VFW Post 6248 Celery City Post Decatur, MI

VFW Post 422 Delton Memorial Post Delton, MI

VFW Post 1278 Detroit Police and Fire Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 140 Hiram North End Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 171 Wolverine Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 2233 Northwest Detroit M/Sgt. Ralph H. Hale Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 3080 James Europe Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 3158 Battiston-Coury Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 393 Alger-Hoffman Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 4553 Pvt. John Kozdron-Sgt. Zeyer Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 4644 Pvt. William P. Tutro Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 5672 Pruss-Szelong Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 5874 Rosedale Park Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 7170 Walter Lukowski Jr. Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 78 Oakman-Johnson Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 9428 Szafran-Sarnowski Post Detroit, MI

VFW Post 4659 Old Settlers Post Disco, MI

VFW Post 6028 Bay Post Dollar Bay, MI

VFW Post 1855 Cass County Post Dowagiac, MI

VFW Post 6462 Moore-Lenz-Wakefield Post Dundee, MI

VFW Post 2272 Reed-Raymond Post Durand, MI

VFW Post 6782 Shafer-Rachelle Post East Detroit, MI

VFW Post 7580 Jordan Valley Post East Jordan, MI

VFW Post 9293 Private Clare T. Latham Post Eastpointe, MI

VFW Post 1283 National Home Post Eaton Rapids, MI

VFW Post 2292 Kelsey-Wiley Post Edmore, MI

VFW Post 2284 Robert B Sanders Post Edwardsburg, MI

VFW Post 6013 Carpenter-Dorsch Post Elkton, MI

VFW Post 5585 Gleason-Butler-Sharpe Post Emmett, MI

VFW Post 8372 Boucha-Draves-Raski Post Engadine, MI

VFW Post 3925 Erie Post Erie, MI

VFW Post 2998 Hiawatha Post Escanaba, MI

VFW Post 7053 Essexville-Hampton Post Essexville, MI

VFW Post 7979 Evart Post Evart, MI

VFW Post 7486 Fairgrove Post Fairgrove, MI

VFW Post 3039 Sparta-Esterline Post Farwell, MI

VFW Post 4803 Felch-Breen Post Felch, MI

VFW Post 7911 Clyde-Manlius Post Fennville, MI

VFW Post 3243 Curtis-Wolverton Post Fenton, MI

VFW Post 1407 Paul W. Hornaday Post Ferndale, MI

VFW Post 9363 Miller-Strawn Post Flat Rock, MI

VFW Post 3087 Chevrolet Motor Post Flint, MI

VFW Post 3791 Dr George Washington Carver Post Flint, MI

VFW Post 822 Flint Post Flint, MI

VFW Post 8236 Leo R. Crow Post Flint, MI

VFW Post 5666 Flushing Post Flushing, MI

VFW Post 3733 Edward J. Werner Post Fowler, MI

VFW Post 6464 Curtis-Sessions-Swartz-White Post Fowlerville, MI

VFW Post 2725 Frankenmuth Post Frankenmuth, MI

VFW Post 6691 Fraser Post Fraser, MI

VFW Post 6898 Laurels Post Fremont, MI

VFW Post 3734 Fruitport - Polar Bear Post Fruitport, MI

VFW Post 7575 Pfc. Don Merrifield Post Garden City, MI

VFW Post 1518 Clyde Wilks Post Gaylord, MI

VFW Post 6030 Doran-Keating Post Germfask, MI

VFW Post 4230 Rock of Gibraltar Post Gibraltar, MI

VFW Post 11256 Gladwin Post Gladwin, MI

VFW Post 2326 Sgt. Alvin Jonker Post Grand Haven, MI

VFW Post 3293 Grand Ledge Post Grand Ledge, MI

VFW Post 3023 Creston Memorial Post Grand Rapids, MI

VFW Post 830 Old Kent Custer Post Grand Rapids, MI

VFW Post 10194 Grass Lake Post Grass Lake, MI

VFW Post 3736 Carl W. Borchers Post Grayling, MI

VFW Post 3794 Cleveland-Wolverton Post Greenville, MI

VFW Post 7310 General William S. Knudsen Post Grosse Ile, MI

VFW Post 5670 Tousignant-Ramile Post Gwinn, MI

VFW Post 7435 Hale Area Post Hale, MI

VFW Post 1224 Hamburg Post Hamburg, MI

VFW Post 1519 Grand River Post Hamburg, MI

VFW Post 4162 Hamtramck Post Hamtramck, MI

VFW Post 4404 Wilock-Lubanski Post Hamtramck, MI

VFW Post 1155 Hanover-Horton Post Hanover, MI

VFW Post 9344 Harbor Beach Post Harbor Beach, MI

VFW Post 6784 Harper Woods Post Harper Woods, MI

VFW Post 1075 Harrison Post Harrison, MI

VFW Post 6466 Alcona County Post Harrisville, MI

VFW Post 1329 William Negake Post Hart, MI

VFW Post 4098 Meridian Township Post Haslett, MI

VFW Post 5363 Hastings Memorial Post Hastings, MI

VFW Post 7302 Hemlock-Merrill Post Hemlock, MI

VFW Post 6894 North Menominee County Post Hermansville, MI

VFW Post 3245 Ctm Joseph A. Butor Post Hesperia, MI

VFW Post 7958 Earl Law-Perry White Post Hessel, MI

VFW Post 9914 High-White-Milford Post Highland, MI

VFW Post 2356 Montmorency County Post Hillman, MI

VFW Post 7301 Donald L. Bennett Post Hillsdale, MI

VFW Post 2144 Henry Walters Post Holland, MI

VFW Post 5587 Hulet-Bravender Post Holly, MI

VFW Post 9411 Carrick-Jarosz Post Homer, MI

VFW Post 7571 Hopkins Post Hopkins, MI

VFW Post 5853 Houghton Lake Post Houghton Lake, MI

VFW Post 4034 Fred & Paul Kalis Post Houghton Lk Hts, MI

VFW Post 3306 Renner-Lobker Post Howard City, MI

VFW Post 3671 Barnes-Lyons-Roberts Post Howell, MI

VFW Post 4624 Copper Ingot Post Hubbell, MI

VFW Post 2492 Imlay City Post Imlay City, MI

VFW Post 7439 Cochran-Roberts Post Indian River, MI

VFW Post 9041 Mack A. Allison-Charles H. Hall Post Inkster, MI

VFW Post 7493 Interlochen Post Interlochen, MI

VFW Post 3732 Mitchell-Bentley Post Ionia, MI

VFW Post 3674 Dickinson Post Iron Mountain, MI

VFW Post 3134 Ottawa Post Iron River, MI

VFW Post 1823 Armand De Felice Post Ironwood, MI

VFW Post 4573 Martin J Lassila Post Ishpeming, MI

VFW Post 7805 Gratiot Post Ithaca, MI

VFW Post 823 Caldwell-Clark Post Jackson, MI

VFW Post 1527 Red Arrow Post Kalamazoo, MI

VFW Post 827 Luzon-Argonne Post Kalamazoo, MI

VFW Post 6333 Bear Creek Post Kaleva, MI

VFW Post 8684 Land-O-Lakes Post Kalkaska, MI

VFW Post 6950 Linwood-Kawkawlin Post Kawkawlin, MI

VFW Post 6821 Leon B Buer Post Kentwood, MI

VFW Post 4003 Huron Post Kinde, MI

VFW Post 5317 Kingston Post Kingston, MI

VFW Post 10705 Laingsburg Post Laingsburg, MI

VFW Post 7731 Little Finger Post Lake Leelanau, MI

VFW Post 4461 Jackson Mutschler Post Lake Odessa, MI

VFW Post 334 North Oakland Post Lake Orion, MI

VFW Post 3701 Hough-Pontius Post Lakeview, MI

VFW Post 9656 Lambertville Post Lambertville, MI

VFW Post 3897 John C. Sands Post L'Anse, MI

VFW Post 15023 Member-At-Large Lansing, MI

VFW Post 3727 Oldsmobile-Robert S. Higgins Post Lansing, MI

VFW Post 6132 Douglas Mac Donald Musicians Post Lansing, MI

VFW Post 701 Morley S. Oates Post Lansing, MI

VFW Post 4139 Lawrence W. Smith Post Lapeer, MI

VFW Post 10770 Pine River Area Post Le Roy, MI

VFW Post 6335 Fun Country Post Lewiston, MI

VFW Post 2382 Lake Huron Post Lexington, MI

VFW Post 552 Benjamin V. Goodell Post Lincoln Park, MI

VFW Post 4642 Price Crane Robinsons Post Linden, MI

VFW Post 147 Fortiers O Grady Post Livonia, MI

VFW Post 3941 Livonia Post Livonia, MI

VFW Post 8303 Flat River Post Lowell, MI

VFW Post 6842 Delbert E. Brimmer Post Ludington, MI

VFW Post 4646 Muir-Lyons Post Lyons, MI

VFW Post 9507 Giles-Everingham Post Madison Heights, MI

VFW Post 10329 Manchester Post Manchester, MI

VFW Post 4499 Walsh Post Manistee, MI

VFW Post 4420 Schoolcraft County Post Manistique, MI

VFW Post 7806 Eugene N. Kimbel Post Manton, MI

VFW Post 4054 Marcellus Post Marcellus, MI

VFW Post 3129 Henry Francis Bashore Post Marine City, MI

VFW Post 6015 Marion Blue Mountain Post Marion, MI

VFW Post 4837 Marlette Post Marlette, MI

VFW Post 6 Superior Memorial Post Marquette, MI

VFW Post 4073 Capt. Claude E. Hale Post Marshall, MI

VFW Post 2340 Marysville St. Clair Post Marysville, MI

VFW Post 7309 Jean R. Anderson Post Mason, MI

VFW Post 4167 Lake Superior Post Mass City, MI

VFW Post 4361 Maybee Post Maybee, MI

VFW Post 10884 Mayville/Vassar Post Mayville, MI

VFW Post 2335 Albert Schiffer Post Mecosta, MI

VFW Post 6032 City of Melvindale Post Melvindale, MI

VFW Post 4898 Snow-Hasbrouck Post Mendon, MI

VFW Post 1887 Menominee Post Menominee, MI

VFW Post 7548 Thornapple Post Middleville, MI

VFW Post 3651 Chemical City Post Midland, MI

VFW Post 5977 George A. Falk Post Milan, MI

VFW Post 8751 Millersburg Post Millersburg, MI

VFW Post 4126 Otis W. Henry Post Mio, MI

VFW Post 1138 City of Monroe Post Monroe, MI

VFW Post 3256 White Lake Post Montague, MI

VFW Post 1794 Oskar A. Andreas Post Mount Clemens, MI

VFW Post 3033 Borley-Hanel Post Mount Pleasant, MI

VFW Post 446 William J. Beal Post Muskegon, MI

VFW Post 7729 Lt. Clement F. Derezinski Post Muskegon, MI

VFW Post 9388 Port City Post Muskegon Heights, MI

VFW Post 7540 North Dorr Post North Dorr, MI

VFW Post 8260 Thornapple Valley Post Nashville, MI

VFW Post 3165 V. A. Romo Post Negaunee, MI

VFW Post 7573 Lempke-Blackwell Post New Baltimore, MI

VFW Post 6040 Kenneth E. Miller Post New Boston, MI

VFW Post 9540 Gateway To Michigan Post New Buffalo, MI

VFW Post 6579 New Lothrop Post New Lothrop, MI

VFW Post 4249 Newaygo Sportsman'S Post Newaygo, MI

VFW Post 3943 Donald M. Squier Post Newport, MI

VFW Post 8846 Don Rea Post North Muskegon, MI

VFW Post 4012 Northville Post Northville, MI

VFW Post 3195 Lt. Wilbur Leroy Boyer Post Norton Shores, MI

VFW Post 4581 Norvulet Post Norway, MI

VFW Post 5857 George Garms Post Onaway, MI

VFW Post 6986 VFW National Home-Onondaga Post Onondaga, MI

VFW Post 5600 Lake of the Clouds Post Ontonagon, MI

VFW Post 582 Sherman-Wudarcki-Sutton Post Ortonville, MI

VFW Post 3735 Mcgillivray-Webster-Spencer Post Oscoda, MI

VFW Post 3030 Otsego Post Otsego, MI

VFW Post 2409 Otter Lake Area Post Otter Lake, MI

VFW Post 8964 Ovid Memorial Post Ovid, MI

VFW Post 9455 Owosso Memorial Post Owosso, MI

VFW Post 5740 Parisville Post Parisville, MI

VFW Post 2532 Mc Kinley-Wilson-Hall Post Paw Paw, MI

VFW Post 6017 Eldon L. Chadwick Post Pentwater, MI

VFW Post 1735 Mark Daniels Post Perrinton, MI

VFW Post 4063 Glenn M. Arnold Post Perry, MI

VFW Post 6509 Summerfield Township Post Petersburg, MI

VFW Post 2051 Emmet County Post Petoskey, MI

VFW Post 2236 Tip of the Thumb Post Pigeon, MI

VFW Post 3753 Frank J. Waseleski Post Pinconning, MI

VFW Post 9377 Plainwell Memorial Post Plainwell, MI

VFW Post 6695 Mayflower - Lt. Gamble Plymouth, MI

VFW Post 1370 Huey-Campbell Post Pontiac, MI

VFW Post 796 Chas. Schoor Post Port Huron, MI

VFW Post 8465 May-O Brien Post Port Huron, MI

VFW Post 8872 Port Sanilac Post Port Sanilac, MI

VFW Post 5855 City of Portage Post Portage, MI

VFW Post 4090 Portland Post Portland, MI

VFW Post 7804 South Presque Isle Post Posen, MI

VFW Post 6034 Silas R. Fenn Post Potterville, MI

VFW Post 6134 Ralph Daily Jr. Post Pullman, MI

VFW Post 9941 Anderson-Egelkraut Post Reading, MI

VFW Post 345
Don Sherman Hubert Post

27345 Schoolcraft Rd
Redford, MI 48239
Phone: Club: (313) 538-1806
Description: Hall: (313) 538-6294

VFW Post 2964 Reed City Post Reed City, MI

VFW Post 5014 Grant-Nyman Post Republic, MI

VFW Post 6802 James Coleman Post Richmond, MI

VFW Post 10168 Riverview Post Riverview, MI

VFW Post 3908 Mason-Nelson-Russell-Schutz Post Rochester, MI

VFW Post 3946 C E Schumacher Rockford Memorial Post Rockford, MI

VFW Post 607 Rogers City Post Rogers City, MI

VFW Post 2052 Striber-Mc Vicar Post Romeo, MI

VFW Post 1869 Cpl. M. C. Paige Post Romulus, MI

VFW Post 9568 Romulus Post Romulus, MI

VFW Post 4159 Charles M. Engel Post Roscommon, MI

VFW Post 6468 Dennis A. Mc Kellar Post Rose City, MI

VFW Post 2358 Corp. Neil W. Reid Post Roseville, MI

VFW Post 1669 Acorn Post Royal Oak, MI

VFW Post 4905 English-Wallis Post Rudyard, MI

VFW Post 1566 Saginaw Post Saginaw, MI

VFW Post 2622 Buena Vista Post Saginaw, MI

VFW Post 9809 Saginaw Valley Post Saginaw, MI

VFW Post 5695 St. Charles Post Saint Charles, MI

VFW Post 5680 St. Helen Post Saint Helen, MI

VFW Post 5114 Dolan-Robinson Post Saint Ignace, MI

VFW Post 4113 St. Johns Mint City Post Saint Johns, MI

VFW Post 3055 Fred E. Richards Post Saint Louis, MI

VFW Post 7912 Sand Lake Cedar Springs Tri-Corner Post Sand Lake, MI

VFW Post 2945 Sandusky Post Sandusky, MI

VFW Post 1573 David J. Mikulak Post Saugatuck, MI

VFW Post 3676 Welsh-Mc Kenna Post Sault Saint Marie, MI

VFW Post 4115 Sebewaing Post Sebewaing, MI

VFW Post 9441 Robert W. Wiswell Post Shelby, MI

VFW Post 8215 Joe Ulsh Post Shepherd, MI

VFW Post 5065 Lester J. Sitts Post Sheridan, MI

VFW Post 5602 Burns-May Post Six Lakes, MI

VFW Post 3774 Rifle River Post Skidway Lake, MI

VFW Post 667 Sgt. Geo. S. Monroe Post South Haven, MI

VFW Post 2502 Lovewell-Hill Post South Lyon, MI

VFW Post 6165 The Rangers Post South Range, MI

VFW Post 2645 Dunham-Ray Post Southfield, MI

VFW Post 9283 Southgate Post Southgate, MI

VFW Post 6056 Adams-Rockey Post Springport, MI

VFW Post 6754 William Moore Post Spruce, MI

VFW Post 1146 Corp. Walter F. Bruce Post St Clair Shores, MI

VFW Post 3724 Arenac Post Standish, MI

VFW Post 6250 Sterling Heights Post Sterling Heights, MI

VFW Post 1355 Captain John J. Kelley Post Sturgis, MI

VFW Post 3720 Swartz Creek Memorial Post Swartz Creek, MI

VFW Post 5678 Iosco County Post Tawas City, MI

VFW Post 4422 Conroy-Renye-Mc Neil Post Taylor, MI

VFW Post 4187 Hall-Slater Post Tecumseh, MI

VFW Post 3019 Three Rivers Post Three Rivers, MI

VFW Post 2780 Cherryland Post Traverse City, MI

VFW Post 1888 Trenton Post Trenton, MI

VFW Post 4037 De Wolfe-Dreon Post Troy, MI

VFW Post 6965 Zurek-Graham Post Ubly, MI

VFW Post 5189 Capt. Charles E. Osborne Post Vicksburg, MI

VFW Post 9084 Wakefield Post Wakefield, MI

VFW Post 5191 Leonard T. Simmons Post Waldron, MI

VFW Post 3130 William Coolick Post Warren, MI

VFW Post 9021 Village-Stinson Post Warren, MI

VFW Post 1008 Heart of the Lakes Post Waterford, MI

VFW Post 6803 Watervliet Post Watervliet, MI

VFW Post 7581 Wayland Post Wayland, MI

VFW Post 4106 Thompson-Blackmer Post Weidman, MI

VFW Post 10917 Bay City Post West Bay City, MI

VFW Post 3775 West Branch Post West Branch, MI

VFW Post 3323 Harris-Kehrer Post Westland, MI

VFW Post 6896 Sgt. Stanley Romanowski Post Westland, MI

VFW Post 9885 Cpl. Edward J. Bova-246th Engr. "C" Bn. Post Westland, MI

VFW Post 2053 White Cloud Post White Cloud, MI

VFW Post 4896 Blue-Burdick Post White Pigeon, MI

VFW Post 4359 White Pine Post White Pine, MI

VFW Post 4156 Oxbow Post White Lake Twonship, MI

VFW Post 1930 Williamsburg Post Williamsburg, MI

VFW Post 2269 Lawrence A. Sims Post Wixom, MI

VFW Post 1136 City of Wyandotte Post Wyandotte, MI

VFW Post 702 Wyoming-Grandville Post Wyoming, MI

VFW Post 8594 Yale Post Yale, MI

VFW Post 2408 C Robert Arvin Post Ypsilanti, MI

VFW / Veteran Information

Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW National Headquarters
406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
VFW Website

Top 10 charities that support veterans

One of the most important aspects to investigate before giving to a veterans' charity, or any charitable organization, is how much of the money donated actually goes to the cause being supported, and how much is earmarked for administrative expenses. Several services such as

Charity Navigator,

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Watch

provide information about a charity's functions, finances, and management. These three services happen to be free, although others charge both the site user and the charity to be rated.
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1. Fisher House Foundation

2. Thanks USA

3. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

4. Homes for Our Troops

5. Puppies Behind Bars

6. Wounded Warriors Family Support

7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

8. USO

9. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

10. Hope for the Warriors

American Legion Posts

VFW Posts

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