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Airports in Missouri

    Branson, MO ZBX Cape Girardeau, MO CGI Columbia, MO /OU Columbia/Jefferson City, MO COU Columbia/Jefferson City, MO JEF Columbia/Jefferson City, MO /OU Farmington, MO FAM Fort Leonard Wood, MO TBN Grandview, MO GVW Joplin, MO JLN Kansas City, MO MCI Kansas City, MO MKC Kansas City, MO JCI Kansas City, MO OJC Kansas City, MO /MK Kennett, MO KNT Kirksville, MO IRK Lake Of The Ozarks, MO AIZ Lake Of The Ozarks, MO LZM Lebanon, MO LJY Malden, MO MAW Marshall, MO MHL Moberley, MO MBY Nevada, MO NVD Nevada, MO NVD Osage Beach, MO OSB Point Lookout, MO PLK Poplar Bluff, MO POF Rolla, MO RLA Sedalia, MO DMO Sikeston, MO SIK Springfield, MO SGF St. Joseph, MO STJ St. Louis, MO STL St. Louis, MO SUS St. Louis, MO CPS St. Louis, MO STL St. Louis, MO /SZ St. Louis, MO /SZ Vichy, MO VIH Warrensburg, MO SZL
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You can get through the airport security line faster by traveling with unwrapped gifts and following the 3-1-1 rule (website) when carrying on liquids, including liquid food items like cranberry sauce and gravy. You can also use the My TSA app or mobile website if you’re at the airport and need last minute information about what you can and can’t bring through security. Learn more about flying with food or gifts.

Major airport delays's Travel section brings you the latest delays at the busiest airports in the United States. Remember to check with your airline to verify the status of your flight.

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