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• “A stranger once gave me a change of clothes and some tea and let me use their shower after I was caught outside in a severe storm in Florida on a business trip.”
• “Last winter, a neighbor’s boyfriend helped me shovel my driveway (I am an older person and should not be doing some of the things I do).”
• “I had nowhere to go and no money and a stranger gave me a ride to the closest hotel, paid for my stay, bought me a hot meal, took me back to my room and gave me a hundred dollars.”
• “An employee at a Walmart store came up to my son who was throwing a huge tantrum and offered him a snack to calm him down.”
• “I was driving back from the ER in the middle of the night with my toddler when I got a flat tire. I pulled over to the side, but it was at a very quiet and dark part of the interstate. A big rig truck pulled over, told me to sit in his cab to keep warm and he would change my tire.”

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Seniors in New Jersey

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Seniors are one of scam artist’s favorite targets. More than 25 million seniors were victims of fraud last year according to the Federal Trade Commission. Seniors become targets because they are easy to reach by phone, are often home during the day, often live along, and are often more willing to talk to strangers.Today, personal finance experts Ken and Daria Dolan of expose seven top scams that target seniors. Even if you aren't a senior yourself, keep reading and warn the seniors in your life about these scams. Scam No. 1: Reverse Equity Mortgage Scam (Read more)

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"Well-funded marketing campaigns and perverse incentives to brokers are targeting seniors' home equity and using reverse mortgages as their tools," attorney Tara Twomey said in the NCLC news release. The senior market is a goldmine, the report warned, because the population of senior citizens is expected to grow from 35 million in 2000 to 65 million in 2025. The top reverse mortgage lenders were Financial Freedom -- primarily a wholesaler -- followed by Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America. Source: WalletPop

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