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12440 NE Halsey St
Portland,OR 97230
Phone: (503) 255-5808
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VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
Description: VFW National Headquarters
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tttttttttttttt,ME zzzzz
Phone: nnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Description: Meeting ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
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VFW Post 584 Linn Post Albany, OR

VFW Post 7961 Alsea Post Alsea, OR

VFW Post 6094 Arlington Post Arlington, OR

VFW Post 353 Grizzly Post Ashland, OR

VFW Post 371 Charles H. Abercrombie Post Astoria, OR

VFW Post 3048 Anthony Lakes Post Baker City, OR

VFW Post 3440 Medal of Honor Post Bandon, OR

VFW Post 2848 Kilchis-Sunset Post Bay City, OR

VFW Post 4617 Beaverton Post Beaverton, OR

VFW Post 1643 Ponderosa Pine Post Bend, OR

VFW Post 966 Curry County Post Brookings, OR

VFW Post 1328 Burns-Hines Post Burns, OR

VFW Post 6057 Canby-Aurora Post Canby, OR

VFW Post 5714 South Umpqua Post Canyonville, OR

VFW Post 3051 Damsite Post Cascade Locks, OR

VFW Post 5995 Illinois Valley Post Cave Junction, OR

VFW Post 5726 Table Rock Post Central Point, OR

VFW Post 10587 Yellow Jackets Post Chiloquin, OR

VFW Post 2994 Clatskanie Post Clatskanie, OR

VFW Post 7384 Coburg Post Coburg, OR

VFW Post 965 Coquille Post Coquille, OR

VFW Post 640 Corvallis Post Corvallis, OR

VFW Post 3473 Cottage Grove Post Cottage Grove, OR

VFW Post 4039 Creswell Post Creswell, OR

VFW Post 3203 Dallas Post Dallas, OR

VFW Post 3995 Clifford Swearingen Post Drain, OR

VFW Post 6184 Eagle Point Post Eagle Point, OR

VFW Post 4943 Echo Post Echo, OR

VFW Post 7488 Empire Post Empire, OR

VFW Post 4307 Eagle Cap Post Enterprise, OR

VFW Post 293 Willamette Post Eugene, OR

VFW Post 3232 Grimshaw Post Florence, OR

VFW Post 5233 Forest Grove Post Forest Grove, OR

VFW Post 9259 Harold E. Moore Post Gladstone, OR

VFW Post 4316 North Umpqua Post Glide, OR

VFW Post 4439 Gold Beach Post Gold Beach, OR

VFW Post 2302 Del Rogue Post Grants Pass, OR

VFW Post 180 Gresham United Post Gresham, OR

VFW Post 7847 Halfway Post Halfway, OR

VFW Post 2105 Rye Grass Post Harrisburg, OR

VFW Post 9611 Nestucca Valley Post Hebo, OR

VFW Post 4184 Morrow County Post Heppner, OR

VFW Post 4750 Desert Post Hermiston, OR

VFW Post 2666 Martin J. Ryan Post Hillsboro, OR

VFW Post 1479 Hood River Valley Post Hood River, OR

VFW Post 3749 Purple Sage Post Huntington, OR

VFW Post 9670 Jacksonville Memorial Post Jacksonville, OR

VFW Post 4065 Santiam Post Jefferson, OR

VFW Post 3597 Grant County Post John Day, OR

VFW Post 10639 Scandia Post Junction City, OR

VFW Post 1383 Pelican Post Klamath Falls, OR

VFW Post 2990 Mt. Emily Post La Grande, OR

VFW Post 7242 La Pine Post La Pine, OR

VFW Post 10626 La Day Post Lafayette/Dayton, OR

VFW Post 4070 Layne Clifton Post Lakeview, OR

VFW Post 3572 General Ulysses Grant Mc Alexander Post Lebanon, OR

VFW Post 5653 Ron Slane Post Lincoln City, OR

VFW Post 6818 Mt. Jefferson Post Madras, OR

VFW Post 6147 Bloody Point Post Malin, OR

VFW Post 4166 Marcola Post Marcola, OR

VFW Post 1833 Crater Lake Post Medford, OR

VFW Post 4567 Blue Mountain Post Milton Freewater, OR

VFW Post 3973 Molalla Post Molalla, OR

VFW Post 3957 Monroe Post Monroe, OR

VFW Post 7752 Thacker-Wallace Post Myrtle Creek, OR

VFW Post 2928 Lee Ray Post Myrtle Point, OR

VFW Post 10644 Nehalem Bay Post Nehalem, OR

VFW Post 4015 George L. Wright Post Newberg, OR

VFW Post 2624 Lincoln County Post Newport, OR

VFW Post 3182 Hutchinson-Rempelos Post North Bend, OR

VFW Post 5452 Ontario Post Ontario, OR

VFW Post 1324 Waldo Caufield/Fromong Post Oregon City, OR

VFW Post 922 Let'Er Buck Post Pendleton, OR

VFW Post 1325 Peninsula Pep Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 1442 Jasper C. Lent Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 15038 Member-At-Large Portland, OR

VFW Post 1557 REX APPLEBY POST Portland, OR

VFW Post 2807 Portland Police Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 4053 General George A. White Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 4248 Sellwood-Breakthrough Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 81 Mt. Hood Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 907 World War Post Portland, OR

VFW Post 6102 Smith & Bern Post Powers, OR

VFW Post 1412 Dexter Fincher Post Prineville, OR

VFW Post 1909 Columbia River Post Rainier, OR

VFW Post 4108 Deschutes Post Redmond, OR

VFW Post 3594 Lower Umpqua Post Reedsport, OR

VFW Post 9744 Glenn A. Cripps Post Riddle, OR

VFW Post 4116 Rogue River Post Rogue River, OR

VFW Post 2468 Patrick W. Kelley Post Roseburg, OR

VFW Post 1440 Fred Clendening Post Saint Helens, OR

VFW Post 661 Marion Post Salem, OR

VFW Post 4273 Sandy Post Sandy, OR

VFW Post 4362 Scappoose Post Scappoose, OR

VFW Post 9456 Seaside Post Seaside, OR

VFW Post 6881 Steelhead Post Shady Cove, OR

VFW Post 732 Paul Washington Post Siletz, OR

VFW Post 3004 Silverton Post Silverton, OR

VFW Post 8138 Sisters Post Sisters, OR

VFW Post 3965 Springfield Post Springfield, OR

VFW Post 5638 Santiam Canyon Post Stayton, OR

VFW Post 3970 Sutherlin Post Sutherlin, OR

VFW Post 3437 Sweet Home Post Sweet Home, OR

VFW Post 2471 Willard Anderson Post The Dalles, OR

VFW Post 2376 Frank O. Hettick Post Tillamook, OR

VFW Post 4227 James (Pat) Brumbaugh Post Toledo, OR

VFW Post 3452 Major Axel Rasmussen Post Tualatin, OR

VFW Post 10637 Tygh Valley Post Tygh Valley, OR

VFW Post 4060 High Valley Post Union, OR

VFW Post 9448 Fern Ridge Post Veneta, OR

VFW Post 3156 Heceta Post Waldport, OR

VFW Post 4217 Elliott Palmer Post Warm Springs, OR

VFW Post 10580 Fort Stevens Post Warrenton, OR

VFW Post 4211 Willamina Post Willamina, OR

VFW Post 9745 Amos R. Osborne Post Winston, OR

VFW Post 4173 Champoeg Post Woodburn, OR

VFW / Veteran Information

Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW National Headquarters
406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
VFW Website

Top 10 charities that support veterans

One of the most important aspects to investigate before giving to a veterans' charity, or any charitable organization, is how much of the money donated actually goes to the cause being supported, and how much is earmarked for administrative expenses. Several services such as

Charity Navigator,

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Watch

provide information about a charity's functions, finances, and management. These three services happen to be free, although others charge both the site user and the charity to be rated.
Read more

1. Fisher House Foundation

2. Thanks USA

3. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

4. Homes for Our Troops

5. Puppies Behind Bars

6. Wounded Warriors Family Support

7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

8. USO

9. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

10. Hope for the Warriors

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