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Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Tennessee

G-21 War Memorial Building.
301 6th Ave. N.
Nashville,TN 37243
Phone: (615) 242-5851
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VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
Description: VFW National Headquarters
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VFW Posts in Tennessee


VFW Post 6181

Cheatham County Memorial Post
334 Frey St
David McCullough Building
Ashland City,,TN 37015
Phone: N/A
Description: Meeting 6:00 pm 4th Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 5146

Mc Minn County Memorial Post
706 N. Congress Parkway
Athens,TN 37303
Phone: (423) 745-8387
Description: Meeting 5:30 pm 2nd monday
VFW Website

VFW Post 2949

James David Mc Anulty Post
323 E Market St
Bolivar,TN 38008
Phone: (731) 609-5785
Description: Meeting 7:30 pm 3rd Thursday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9683

Rader-Mc Cravey Post
200 N VFW Rd
Bulls Gap,TN 37711
Phone: (423) 235-5127
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 1st Tuesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 2109 French-Black Post Camden, TN

VFW Post 5021 Fisher-Mc Kee Post Carthage, TN

VFW Post 4967 Green-Bragg-Gordon Post Centerville, TN

VFW Post 1289 Lookout Post Chattanooga, TN

VFW Post 4848 Wilkes T. Thrasher Post Chattanooga, TN

VFW Post 9754 Church Hill Post Church Hill, TN

VFW Post 11160 North Clarksville Post Clarksville, TN

VFW Post 4895 Howard Smiley Johnson Post Clarksville, TN

VFW Post 2598 James D. Blankenship Post Cleveland, TN

VFW Post 1697 Ooltewah Post Collegedale, TN

VFW Post 5066 Robert T. Jamison Post Collierville, TN

VFW Post 4969 Willis-Fleming-Daniels Post Columbia, TN

VFW Post 6296 Cookeville Memorial Post Cookeville, TN

VFW Post 4313 Cordova/Germantown Post Cordova, TN

VFW Post 4840 Ray-Pinner Post Covington, TN

VFW Post 9686 Crab Orchard Memorial Post Crab Orchard, TN

VFW Post 5025 West-Buttram Post Crossville, TN

VFW Post 3380 Dandridge Post Dandridge, TN

VFW Post 7189 Meigs County Post Decatur, TN

VFW Post 4641 Sensing Brothers Post Dickson, TN

VFW Post 4730 Carl Wallace Post Dover, TN

VFW Post 10020 Dresden Post Dresden, TN

VFW Post 11561 Copper Basin Post Ducktown, TN

VFW Post 5772 Sequatchie County Memorial Post Dunlap, TN

VFW Post 9635 Thompson-Jones Post Dyer, TN

VFW Post 1972 Watkins-Finch Post Dyersburg, TN

VFW Post 2166 Captain Lynn H. Folsom Post Elizabethton, TN

VFW Post 10026 Englewood Post Englewood, TN

VFW Post 9689 Houston County Post Erin, TN

VFW Post 5809 James Strickland Post Erwin, TN

VFW Post 8484 Volunteer Post Etowah, TN

VFW Post 4708 Rhea County Memorial Post Evensville, TN

VFW Post 2167 R. K. Locker Post Fayetteville, TN

VFW Post 4893 Roy F. Alley Post Franklin, TN

VFW Post 4916 Lieutenant Clifford B. King Post Frayser, TN

VFW Post 6197 Sidney Hix Post Gallatin, TN

VFW Post 7204 Germantown Post Germantown, TN

VFW Post 6993 Caspar Mansker Post Goodlettsville, TN

VFW Post 1990 Andrew Johnson Post Greeneville, TN

VFW Post 4842 James Cato Post Hartsville, TN

VFW Post 4844 Robt. Brancy Wood Jr. Post Henderson, TN

VFW Post 9851 Graves-Ray-Stark Post Hendersonville, TN

VFW Post 1814 Meriwether Lewis Post Hohenwald, TN

VFW Post 4728 Harry and James Taylor Post 3250 Main St. Humboldt, TN 38343 Phone: (731) 784-9924

VFW Post 1848 Cocks-Danuiels Post Jackson, TN

VFW Post 6496 Hawks-Holland Post Jackson, TN

VFW Post 6362 Jasper Memorial Post Jasper, TN

VFW Post 9705 Gem City Post Jellico, TN

VFW Post 2108 John Sevier Post Johnson City, TN

VFW Post 9724 Jonesboro Memorial Post Jonesboro, TN

VFW Post 11450 Kenton Memorial Post Kenton, TN

VFW Post 3382 Chas. Dewitt Byrd Post Kingsport, TN

VFW Post 1733 Smoky Mountains Volunteer Post Knoxville, TN

VFW Post 6019 Holloway Walker Memorial Post Knoxville, TN

VFW Post 7135 Macon County Memorial Post Lafayette, TN

VFW Post 6494 Dion Brown Memorial Post Lake City, TN

VFW Post 1618 David Crockett Post Lawrenceburg, TN

VFW Post 5015 Lebanon Post Lebanon, TN

VFW Post 5109 Bill Lowe Wheatley Post Lewisburg, TN

VFW Post 1294 Natchez Trace Post Lexington, TN

VFW Post 4973 Qualls-Hendrix Post Linden, TN

VFW Post 5062 James T. Davis Memorial Post Livingston, TN

VFW Post 5264 Loretto Post Loretto, TN

VFW Post 5150 Huff Post Loudon, TN

VFW Post 8419 Madison Memorial Post Madison, TN

VFW Post 10904 Old Stone Fort Memorial Post Manchester, TN

VFW Post 5154 Blount County Memorial Post Maryville, TN

VFW Post 8682 Union County Post Maynardville, TN

VFW Post 4939 Mc Kenzie Post Mc Kenzie, TN

VFW Post 5064 Warren County Memorial Post Mc Minnville, TN

VFW Post 11333 Dr. R. Q. Venson Post Memphis, TN

VFW Post 1965 Sgt. Walter K. Singleton Post Memphis, TN

VFW Post 4935 The Elvis Presley Whitehaven Memorial Post Memphis, TN

VFW Post 684 Armstrong-Rousseau Post Memphis, TN

VFW Post 4780 Dudley Kizer Post Milan, TN

VFW Post 7175 North Shelby Post Millington, TN

VFW Post 9586 Clyde W. Bennett Post Monteagle, TN

VFW Post 6277 Standing Stone Memorial Post Monterey, TN

VFW Post 8778 Morris Chapel Memorial Post Morris Chapel, TN

VFW Post 5266 James Milton Robertson Post Morristown, TN

VFW Post 6908 Worley Hall Post Mountain City, TN

VFW Post 4575 Smith-Rogers-Reeves Post Murfreesboro, TN

VFW Post 1291 Andrew Jackson Post Nashville, TN

VFW Post 15044 Member-At-Large Nashville, TN

VFW Post 1970 West Nashville Post Nashville, TN

VFW Post 5827 Hugh F. Spain Post Nashville, TN

VFW Post 6164 South East Nashville Post Nashville, TN

VFW Post 2372 Kiffin Rockwell Post Newport, TN

VFW Post 5669 Scott County Memorial Post Oneida, TN

VFW Post 1889 Lewis-Wimberley Post Paris, TN

VFW Post 4971 Long-Ivey-Carrington Post Parsons, TN

VFW Post 5033 Bledsoe County Memorial Post Pikeville, TN

VFW Post 11193 Portland Memorial Post Portland, TN

VFW Post 4577 Giles Memorial Post Pulaski, TN

VFW Post 9673 Ripley Post Ripley, TN

VFW Post 4782 Rockwood Post Rockwood, TN

VFW Post 9543 Joseph Rogers Post Rogersville, TN

VFW Post 6598 Goldston Whitson Chapman Post S Harriman, TN

VFW Post 4606 Ward-Johnson Post Savannah, TN

VFW Post 2418 Hamilton-Finley Post Selmer, TN

VFW Post 10025 Sevier County Post Sevierville, TN

VFW Post 5019 Bedford County Memorial Post Shelbyville, TN

VFW Post 7623 Howard-Gill Post Smithville, TN

VFW Post 8422 William D. Neely III Post Smyrna, TN

VFW Post 9654 Trent-Cavin Post Sneedville, TN

VFW Post 5013 Somerville Post Somerville, TN

VFW Post 10891 Charles E. (Red) Frasier Memorial Post Sparta, TN

VFW Post 5116 Morgan County Memorial Post Sunbright, TN

VFW Post 5156 Sweetwater Gold Star Post Sweetwater, TN

VFW Post 8779 Claiborne County Memorial Post Tazewell, TN

VFW Post 9750 Reelfoot Lake Post Tiptonville, TN

VFW Post 4798 Hicks-Phelan Post Trenton, TN

VFW Post 4188 Henry W. Cardwell Post Tullahoma, TN

VFW Post 4862 Jones-Walker Post Union City, TN

VFW Post 5023 Robert L. Forrester Jr. Post Watertown, TN

VFW Post 9160 Waverly Post Waverly, TN

VFW Post 9806 Westmoreland Memorial Post Westmoreland, TN

VFW Post 2120 White House Post White House, TN

VFW Post 1893 General Kirby-Smith Franklin County Post Winchester, TN