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Prisons in Virginia

Virginia State Department of Corrections PO Box 26963 Richmond, VA 23261 Phone: 1.804.674.3000 Website
    Augusta Correctional Center Baskerville Correctional Unit Bland Correctional Center Buckingham Correctional Center Caroline Correctional Unit Coffeewood Correctional Center Cold Springs Correctional Unit Deep Meadow Correctional Center Deerfield Correctional Center Dillwyn Correctional Center Fluvanna Correctional Center Fort Monroe (historical) Greensville Correctional Center Halifax Correctional Unit Haynesville Correctional Center Haynesville Correctional Unit Indian Creek Correctional Center James River Correctional Center Keen Mountain Correctional Center Lawrenceville Correctional Center Lunenburg Correctional Center Marion Treatment Center Mecklenburg Correctional Center Nottoway Correctional Center Patrick Henry Correctional Unit Pocahontas Correctional Unit Pocahontas State Correctional Center Powhatan Correctional Center Red Onion State Prison Rustburg Correctional Unit Southampton Memorial Hospital St. Brides Correctional Center Sussex I State Prison Sussex II State Prison Virginia Correctional Center for Women Wallens Ridge State Prison Wise Correctional Unit
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A prison, penitentiary, or correctional facility is a place in which individuals are physically confined or interned and usually deprived of a range of personal freedoms. Prisons are conventionally institutions, which form part of the criminal justice system of a country, such that imprisonment or incarceration is a legal penalty that may be imposed by the state for the commission of a crime.

In popular parlance of many countries, the term jail is considered synonymous with prison, although legally these are often distinct institutions: typically jails are intended to hold persons awaiting trials or serving sentences of less than one year, whereas prisons host prisoners serving longer sentences.

A criminal suspect who has been charged with or is likely to be charged with a criminal offense may be held on remand in prison if he or she is denied, refused or unable to meet conditions of bail, or is unable to post bail. This may also occur where the court determines that the suspect is at risk of absconding before the trial, or is otherwise a risk to society. A criminal defendant may also be held in prison while awaiting trial or a trial verdict. If found guilty, a defendant will be convicted and may receive a custodial sentence requiring imprisonment.

Prisons may also be used as a tool of political repression to detain political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, and "enemies of the state", particularly by authoritarian regimes. In times of war or conflict, prisoners of war may also be detained in prisons. A prison system is the organizational arrangement of the provision and operation of prisons, and depending on their nature, may invoke a corrections system. Although people have been imprisoned throughout history, they have also regularly been able to perform prison escapes. Source: Wikipedia

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