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Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Virginia

403 Lee Jackson Highway
Staunton, VA 24401
Phone: (540) 886-8112
Description: VFW VA HQ
VFW Facebook

VFW National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
Description: VFW National Headquarters
VFW Website

VFW Posts in Virginia

VFW Post 1994

Abingdon Memorial Post
17581 Lee Highway
Abingdon,VA 24210
Phone: (276) 525-4711
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 1st Thursday
VFW Website

VFW Post 609

Russell Mitchell Post 609
1450 Wilkes St.
Alexandria,VA 22314
Phone: (703) 683 4127
Description: Meeting 12:00 pm 2nd Saturday
VFW Website

VFW Post 8759

Amelia County Post
16440 Five Forks Rd
Amelia Court House,VA 23002
Phone: (804) 922-7007
Description: Meeting 7:00 pm 2nd Wednesday
VFW Website

VFW Post 9877 Amherst County Post Amherst, VA

VFW Post 9855 Appomattox Post Appomattox, VA

VFW Post 3150 John Lyon Post Arlington, VA

VFW Post 9501 Central Garage Post Aylett, VA

VFW Post 2157 Peaks of Otter Post Bedford, VA

VFW Post 9760 Clarke County Memorial Post Berryville, VA

VFW Post 5715 John Fox Jr. Post Big Stone Gap, VA

VFW Post 7897 Blackstone Post Blackstone, VA

VFW Post 7969 Bland County Memorial Post Bland, VA

VFW Post 9696 Bluefield Memorial Post Bluefield, VA

VFW Post 10295 Bowling Green Post Bowling Green, VA

VFW Post 8644 Myers-Hodges Post Bridgewater, VA

VFW Post 6975 Patton-Crosswhite Post Bristol, VA

VFW Post 9660 Chimney Rock Post Broadway, VA

VFW Post 8599 Brookneal Post Brookneal, VA

VFW Post 5895 Ricky W. Sink Post Buchanan, VA

VFW Post 8446 Buckingham County Post Buckingham, VA

VFW Post 4805 Buena Vista Post Buena Vista, VA

VFW Post 5412 Burke Post Burke, VA

VFW Post 1827 John C. Culin Post Charlottesville, VA

VFW Post 8228 Johnny Wilmouth Post Chase City, VA

VFW Post 2894 Chesapeake Post Chesapeake, VA

VFW Post 2163 Chesterfield County Post Chesterfield, VA

VFW Post 8629 Chincoteague Memorial Post Chincoteague, VA

VFW Post 5311 Leonard E. Mc Coy Post Christiansburg, VA

VFW Post 8163 Roanoke River Post Clarksville, VA

VFW Post 4299 Burnside-Carpenter Post Clifton Forge, VA

VFW Post 8979 Dickenson Memorial Post Clintwood, VA

VFW Post 8652 Mountain Empire Post Coeburn, VA

VFW Post 10574 William I Cooper Memorial Post Colonial Beach, VA

VFW Post 2239 Robert E. Lee Post Colonial Heights, VA

VFW Post 1033 Curtis A. Smith 116th Infantry Post Covington, VA

VFW Post 9480 Craigsville Post Craigsville, VA

VFW Post 7819 Gold Star Memorial Post Crewe, VA

VFW Post 452 Crimora-Dooms Post Crimora, VA

VFW Post 2584 Paige-Spraggs-Watson Post Cullen, VA

VFW Post 2524 Burton-Hammond Post Culpeper, VA

VFW Post 1503 General Lewis B."Chesty" Puller Post Dale City, VA

VFW Post 9830 Damascus Memorial Post Damascus, VA

VFW Post 956 Worley-Penland Post Dante, VA

VFW Post 647 Ballard Pruitt Post Danville, VA

VFW Post 3060 Dula Byerly Post Deerfield, VA

VFW Post 6002 Denbigh Post Denbigh, VA

VFW Post 3125 John Robert Beverly Jr. Memorial Post Doswell, VA

VFW Post 2044 Champ J. Lawson Jr. Earlysville, VA

VFW Post 2447 Massanutten Post Edinburg, VA

VFW Post 9292 Gooden Brothers Post Elkton, VA

VFW Post 4920 Elliston-Shawsville Elliston, VA

VFW Post 5371 Emporia Post Emporia, VA

VFW Post 10310 Gibson Station Post Ewing, VA

VFW Post 4856 Eastern Shore Post Exmore, VA

VFW Post 8469 Blue and Gray Post Fairfax Station, VA

VFW Post 9274 Martin-Leppert-Sipes Post Falls Church, VA

VFW Post 7059 Thomas Hardy Graham Post Farmville, VA

VFW Post 7854 Floyd County Post Floyd, VA

VFW Post 2613 Columbia Post Fork Union, VA

VFW Post 4411 Franklin Post Franklin, VA

VFW Post 3103 Fredericksburg Post Fredericksburg, VA

VFW Post 1860 Col. Samuel R. Millar Post Front Royal, VA

VFW Post 7568 Galax Post Galax, VA

VFW Post 10611 Gate City Post Gate City, VA

VFW Post 7578 Glasgow Post Glasgow, VA

VFW Post 10657 Glen Allen Post Glen Allen, VA

VFW Post 8252 Francis J. Mellar Jr. Gloucester, VA

VFW Post 8617 Goochland County Post Goochland, VA

VFW Post 7638 Nathaniel Gordon Post Gordonsville, VA

VFW Post 10773 Millboro-Goshen Post Goshen, VA

VFW Post 824 Douglas W. Hogge/Alenn M. Tate Memorial Post Grafton, VA

VFW Post 873 Gretna Post Gretna, VA

VFW Post 4698 Grottoes Post Grottoes, VA

VFW Post 7360 Childs-Gentry Post Grundy, VA

VFW Post 8243 Halifax County Post Halifax, VA

VFW Post 5500 William T. Allen Memorial Post Hampton, VA

VFW Post 632 Rion-Bowman Post Harrisonburg, VA

VFW Post 3782 Onsby Rose Post Haysi, VA

VFW Post 2820 United Henry County Post Henry, VA

VFW Post 1115 Grover King Post Hillsville, VA

VFW Post 9343 Honaker Memorial Post Honaker, VA

VFW Post 637 Jacob J. Pearson Post Hopewell, VA

VFW Post 4204 Coleman-Brinkley Post Hot Springs, VA

VFW Post 7726 Grayson Post Independence, VA

VFW Post 8902 Charlotte County Post Keysville, VA

VFW Post 8048 Brunswick County Post Lawrenceville, VA

VFW Post 9864 Lebanon Post Lebanon, VA

VFW Post 1177 Loudoun County Post Leesburg, VA

VFW Post 1499 Shenandoah Valley Post Lexington, VA

VFW Post 8815 Gunston Hall Post Lorton, VA

VFW Post 8947 Louisa County Post Louisa, VA

VFW Post 7701 Withers-Hughes Post Lovingston, VA

VFW Post 621 Comer-Jones Post Luray, VA

VFW Post 8184 Lynchburg Post Lynchburg, VA

VFW Post 8479 Lyndhurst-Sherando Post Lyndhurst, VA

VFW Post 472 Madison Memorial Post Madison, VA

VFW Post 7589 Francis Cannon Post Manassas, VA

VFW Post 1811 Manassas Park Post Manassas Park, VA

VFW Post 4667 Francis Marion Post Marion, VA

VFW Post 4637 Ford Post Martinsville, VA

VFW Post 8241 Mc Lean Post Mc Lean, VA

VFW Post 8467 Meadows of Dan Post Meadows of Dan, VA

VFW Post 9808 Battlefield Post Mechanicsville, VA

VFW Post 1426 Midlothian Post Midlothian, VA

VFW Post 4989 Highland County Post Monterey, VA

VFW Post 3136 Collins-Hughes Post Mount Solon, VA

VFW Post 6000 Poff-Cunningham Post Narrows, VA

VFW Post 4491 Craig Valley Post New Castle, VA

VFW Post 176 Wilkins-Edwards Post Newport News, VA

VFW Post 3160 Ocean View Post Norfolk, VA

VFW Post 4809 Tidewater Post Norfolk, VA

VFW Post 8046 Homer I Bland Post Norge, VA

VFW Post 4301 Norton Post Norton, VA

VFW Post 5313 Nottoway County Post Nottoway, VA

VFW Post 2217 James Madison Post Orange, VA

VFW Post 10298 Lee County Memorial Post Pennington Gap, VA

VFW Post 10387 Albert Lee Mills Post Petersburg, VA

VFW Post 622 Mc Nair-Trueheart Post Petersburg, VA

VFW Post 3219 Craigs-Mc Cue Post Phoebus, VA

VFW Post 993 Harold Treakle Memorial Post Portsmouth, VA

VFW Post 9600 Christopher Gist Post Pound, VA

VFW Post 10570 Powhatan Post Powhatan, VA

VFW Post 1184 Old Dominion Post Pulaski, VA

VFW Post 4468 Loudoun Valley Post Purcellville, VA

VFW Post 776 Radford-Montgomery Post Radford, VA

VFW Post 7728 Southern Fauquier Post Remington, VA

VFW Post 9640 Casey-Shortt Post Richlands, VA

VFW Post 10654 Arthur Williams Memorial Post Richmond, VA

VFW Post 6364 Richmond Post Richmond, VA

VFW Post 9224 Clemenceau-Mc Adoo-Givings Post Richmond, VA

VFW Post 6130 Ridgeway Post Ridgeway, VA

VFW Post 1264 Irvin L. Manning Post Roanoke, VA

VFW Post 1444 Dunbar Post Roanoke, VA

VFW Post 484 Blue Ridge Post Roanoke, VA

VFW Post 10840 Obie D. Minter Memorial Post Rocky Mount, VA

VFW Post 9805 Rustburg Post Rustburg, VA

VFW Post 4318 Darden C. Harmon Post Salem, VA

VFW Post 7328 Hardy Roberts Post Saltville, VA

VFW Post 8529 Major Thomas E. Benson Post Sandston, VA

VFW Post 8169 Scottsville Post Scottsville, VA

VFW Post 8613 Avis O. Comer Post Shenandoah, VA

VFW Post 8545 Smithfield Post Smithfield, VA

VFW Post 7166 South Hill-La Crosse Post South Hill, VA

VFW Post 1150 Rappahannock County Post Sperryville, VA

VFW Post 10546 Spotsylvania Post Spotsylvania, VA

VFW Post 7327 Springfield Post Springfield, VA

VFW Post 8208 Golden Horse Shoe Post Stanardsville, VA

VFW Post 15048 Member-At-Large Staunton, VA

VFW Post 2216 Augusta-Staunton Post Staunton, VA

VFW Post 7814 Thomas-Fields Post Staunton, VA

VFW Post 8279 Steeles Tavern Post Steeles Tavern, VA

VFW Post 9478 Sterling Post Sterling, VA

VFW Post 7800 Patrick County Post Stuart, VA

VFW Post 9339 Stuarts Draft Post Stuarts Draft, VA

VFW Post 2582 Joe Bagley Post Suffolk, VA

VFW Post 9382 Richard T Shea Jr Memorial Post Suffolk, VA

VFW Post 9358 Tangier Island Post Tangier, VA

VFW Post 2296 Accomack Post Tasley, VA

VFW Post 7136 Barns-Beavers Post Tazewell, VA

VFW Post 1841 Lord Botetourt Post Troutville, VA

VFW Post 10826 Verona Post Verona, VA

VFW Post 9954 Lunenburg County Post Victoria, VA

VFW Post 4522 Vinton Post Vinton, VA

VFW Post 1211 Back Bay Post Virginia Beach, VA

VFW Post 392 General Mac Arthur Memorial Post Virginia Beach, VA

VFW Post 9835 Robert E. Laing Memorial Post Warrenton, VA

VFW Post 7167 Northern Neck Post Warsaw, VA

VFW Post 2424 Waynesboro Post Waynesboro, VA

VFW Post 8356 Melvin Rosson Post West Point, VA

VFW Post 4639 Blacknall-Chess Post Williamsburg, VA

VFW Post 2123 Winchester Post Winchester, VA

VFW Post 6044 Davis-Williams Post Winchester, VA

VFW Post 7916 Hawkins-Reeve Post Woodbridge, VA

VFW Post 2719 Wythe Post Wytheville, VA

VFW Post 8436 Douglas Hall Kirby Post Yancey Mills, VA

VFW Post 960 Yorktown Post Yorktown, VA

VFW / Veteran Information

Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW National Headquarters
406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-756-3390
VFW Website

Top 10 charities that support veterans

One of the most important aspects to investigate before giving to a veterans' charity, or any charitable organization, is how much of the money donated actually goes to the cause being supported, and how much is earmarked for administrative expenses. Several services such as

Charity Navigator,

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Watch

provide information about a charity's functions, finances, and management. These three services happen to be free, although others charge both the site user and the charity to be rated.
Read more

1. Fisher House Foundation

2. Thanks USA

3. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust

4. Homes for Our Troops

5. Puppies Behind Bars

6. Wounded Warriors Family Support

7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

8. USO

9. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

10. Hope for the Warriors

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