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War History in Virginia

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, Virginia

700 George Washington Memorial Parkway
c/o Turkey Run Park
McLean, VA 22101
Phone: (703) 235-1530
Description: Arlington House is the nation’s memorial to Robert E. Lee. It honors him for specific reasons, including his role in promoting peace and reunion after the Civil War. In a larger sense it exists as a place of study and contemplation of the meaning of some of the most difficult aspects of American History: military service; sacrifice; citizenship; duty; loyalty; slavery and freedom.

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park, Virginia

Visitor Contact Station
Middletown Courts Strip Mall
7712 Main Street,
Middletown, MO 65738
Phone: (540) 869-3051
Description: The National Historical Park was created to protect several historically significant locations in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia, notably the site of the American Civil War Battle of Cedar Creek and the Belle Grove Plantation.

Fort Monroe National Monument, Virginia

41 Bernard Road
Fort Monroe, VA 23651
Phone: 757-722-3678
Description: 2019 is a pivotal year for the Fort Monroe National Monument, marking the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans to English North America. The entire year is dedicated to those “20 and odd” who were brought here on an English privateer ship named the White Lion.

Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial National Military Park, Virginia

120 Chatham Lane
Fredericksburg, VA 22405
Phone: (540) 693-3200
Description: Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park is a unit of the National Park Service in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and elsewhere in Spotsylvania County, commemorating four major battles in the American Civil War: Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness, and Spotsylvania.

Manassas National Battlefield Park, Virginia

Hulls Cove Visitor Center
12521 Lee Highway
Manassas, VA 20109
Phone: (703) 361-1339
Description: Manassas, in Prince William County, Virginia, preserves the site of two major American Civil War battles: the First Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861, and the Second Battle of Bull Run which was fought between August 28 and August 30, 1862

First Battle of Manassas
Photo from NPS

Richmond National Battlefield Park, Virginia

3215 E. Broad St
Richmond, VA 23223
Phone: (804) 226-1981
Description: The Richmond National Battlefield Park commemorates 13 American Civil War sites around Richmond, Virginia, which served as the capital of the Confederate States of America for most of the war. The park connects certain features within the city with defensive fortifications and battle sites around it.

Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District, Virginia

Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Historical Park, Shenandoah National Park, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District
The Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District
9386 S. Congress
St New Market, VA 22844
Phone: (540) 740-4545
Description: The peaceful beauty of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley was shattered during the American Civil War. Today you can still view much of the landscape as it was seen by soldiers and civilians during the war, and you can explore the region’s dramatic Civil War story at historic sites, battlefields, courthouses, cemeteries, walking trails, and museums that tell the story of those storm-tossed years.

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The U.S. Army was founded on 14 June 1775

The U.S. Marine Corp was founded on 10 November 1775

The U.S. Navy was fouded on 13 October 1775

The U.S. Coast Guard was founded on 4 August 1790

Thw U.S. Air Force was founded on 18 September 1947

POW / MIA Recognition Day

When : Third Friday of September

POW/MIA Recognition Day is a day of remembrance and hope for the speedy and safe return of American Prisoners of War, and those still Missing in Action. It also seeks the return of the remains of fallen soldiers.

The first official commemoration of POW/MIAs was July 18, 1979. It was the result of resolutions passed in Congress. The first national ceremony was held on this date. Over the next several years, it was held in varying dates of the year. Finally, in 1986, The National League of Families proposed the third Friday in September as a day to recognize and remember POW/MIAs. This date was selected, as it is not associated with any wars. Each year, the president of the United States issues a proclamation on this day.

Did you know? Federal law requires the POW/MIA flag to be flown on the following days:

Armed Forces Day, May 16

Memorial Day, May 25

Flag Day, June 14

Independence Day, July 4

POW/MIA Day, 3rd Friday of September

Veterans Day, Nov. 11

Source: http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/September/powmiarecognitionday.htm

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